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In Appreciation and Praise for Julia Kennedy Brak

When you step onto the trail through life,  you have the great fortune to meet some truly unique people and you find your time is transformed into an enriching experience for having met, spoke and laughed with them.  My life was brightened by a truly genuine, brilliant and artistic person and I am thinking of her on this dark Thursday evening. 

   With that in mind, I'd like to light a metaphorical candle to shatter the darkness and illuminate the essence of Julia Kennedy Brak.  Julia wasn't born…she exploded into the world.She was a firecracker that reveled, when she was young,  in the joy of being alive.She loved to run, sing and explore outside.She was a shy person, so my family didn'tnotice how often she was smiling and that laughter was her innate quality.When she was a baby, she used to imitate her Dad's smile and laugh (her Father has a  slight left side facial paralysis that produces a half-smile).When she was a toddler, she used to empty everything from the…

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